Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Walkthrough: Level 25

How to complete Level 25 on Hoop De Loop Saga!

Perhaps the most challenging of levels in the early stages of the game, Level 25 requires you to 'Make a super clear combo with max score multiplier!'.
A super clear combo is when you finish the level shortly after colliding a Rainbow Ball and a Lightning Ball together (Level 15 acts as a tutorial level for this).
The level also require you to achieve a score of at least 100,000. A super clear ending gives you a guaranteed 50000, so make sure you're score stands at least 50000 before ending the level. Before ending the level you've also got to keep an eye on the top left of the screen, where the combo bar lies. This needs to be at 8x before the super clear combo! To reach the 8x multiplier, you need to perform 8 shots in a row without missing.

To make you're life easier, it may be worth investing in the 'full multiplier' booster to help you along the way.

Good luck!

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